Chicken Parmesan

Chicken parmesan is one of Cody’s favorite meals, and this recipe is killer! Before you start to make this recipe, make some spaghetti sauce first–I promise it is worth it to make it homemade!
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Mama’s Spaghetti Sauce

There are some things in life that I am just as happy buying pre-made as I am making them myself. Pie crust or brownies, for instance–brownies from a box and frozen pie crusts taste just as good as anything I could make homemade. Something I don’t feel that way about? Spaghetti sauce. Jarred sauce is something that will never and can never taste as good as the homemade stuff. Maybe it’s because sauce is one of my ultimate comfort foods, or maybe it’s just because my mom’s spaghetti sauce is the best, bar none. Without further ado, here is my mom’s spaghetti sauce recipe with a little bit of my own flair!

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Red Clam Sauce & Spaghetti

Looking to deviate a bit from your ordinary spaghetti dishes? Look no further–I present you with a most delicious red clam sauce recipe! This sauce is quick, easy and tasty enough that you will never reach for a jarred sauce again.

This recipe is a variation on a dish my grandma makes a lot. And anyone who knows my gram knows she is a FABULOUS cook! So prepare yourselves to be let in on a family gem!

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One Pot Red Wine Pasta

Red wine and pasta. Two of the things I love most in life. There must be people out there who agree with me, because it recently came to my attention that some avant-garde chefs are cooking their pasta in red wine. I would personally like to thank the geniuses who first decided to try this and post it on the internet.

It was only a matter of time before I tried my hand at red wine pasta, and I was quite pleased with the results! It’s a quick, low-effort meal (making it perfect for last-minute weeknight dinners) and it is super flavorful. So for all you wine lovers out there, here is my take on the dish: one-pot red wine pasta (because one-pot dishes are another one of my favorite things)!!

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