Mama’s Spaghetti Sauce

There are some things in life that I am just as happy buying pre-made as I am making them myself. Pie crust or brownies, for instance–brownies from a box and frozen pie crusts taste just as good as anything I could make homemade. Something I don’t feel that way about? Spaghetti sauce. Jarred sauce is something that will never and can never taste as good as the homemade stuff. Maybe it’s because sauce is one of my ultimate comfort foods, or maybe it’s just because my mom’s spaghetti sauce is the best, bar none. Without further ado, here is my mom’s spaghetti sauce recipe with a little bit of my own flair!

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Banana Walnut Bread

I looove banana bread! It’s a perfect breakfast, snack, dessert or gift for someone else. It’s also incredibly quick and easy to whip up–which is great, because I never seem to be able to eat all of the bananas I buy before they get a little too mushy. Here is my simple recipe for a tasty Banana Walnut Bread:

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Perfect Pecan Pie

Thanksgiving is potentially my favorite holiday (I have a hard time deciding between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve!!). A whole day dedicated to eating delicious food, watching football, and hanging out with my crazy family is hard to beat. My mom does the majority of the cooking on Thanksgiving, but my job is the pecan pie.

I’ve had a few years to perfect this recipe, so here it is: a classic, sweet, ooey gooey pecan pie.

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