One Pot Red Wine Pasta

Red wine and pasta. Two of the things I love most in life. There must be people out there who agree with me, because it recently came to my attention that some avant-garde chefs are cooking their pasta in red wine. I would personally like to thank the geniuses who first decided to try this and post it on the internet.

It was only a matter of time before I tried my hand at red wine pasta, and I was quite pleased with the results! It’s a quick, low-effort meal (making it perfect for last-minute weeknight dinners) and it is super flavorful. So for all you wine lovers out there, here is my take on the dish: one-pot red wine pasta (because one-pot dishes are another one of my favorite things)!!

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A Springtime Engagement Party

Although I have loved to cook and bake since I was a young teenager, I have fairly recently discovered that I also really enjoy event planning. I’ve decided I will try and incorporate this newfound passion into this newly created blog!

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So much of what we see and do on social media is crap. It’s like we’re trying to create this ideal image of ourselves for all of our friends, family and old high school acquaintances to see. I am definitely just as guilty as the next person–I’m quick to document a vacation on Snapchat or post an Instagram of a fun night out with friends, but I never take to Facebook to discuss my biweekly existential crises (kind of kidding about the biweekly part…kind of.)

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Dale’s Famous Stromboli

Mmmm, stromboli. So simple, yet so delicious. How could you not like cheese, pepperoni and pizza dough all rolled together?!

I was introduced to this delicious food by my step-dad Dale, whose family has a long-standing tradition of baking up a few loaves of stromboli whenever a big snowstorm hits. In my eyes, it’s one of the only good things about snow days!

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